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The cryptocurrency market, once so clearly dominated by Bitcoin, has become fractured and catalyzed by the introduction of new thinking and new technology. Cryptocurrency trading is growing fast and has expanded to almost every part of the earth. The cryptocurrency exchange market is similar to that of the stock market, where investors can trade in shares of a company, commodity or fiat currency.

However, the stock market proffers many limitations such as trading duration, stock trading regulations, investing rules, and law principles of individual countries. This makes it hard for an ordinary person to gain access, and there will always be a third party with high fees in between you and the market.
The market of the Nacreous Coin is characterized by gold as an investment object, and the by development of the international Gold price. Gold has been used as a currency since the time writing was invented, showing its usefulness for at least the last 2500 years. Kings have gone to war over it and empires have fallen because of the lack of it, making it the most important precious metal through world history.

The petrodollar demonstrates the importance of having a solid, physical, tangible asset backing paper currencies. Gold is used for currency exchange in the form of coins and bars. When there is any uncertainty on the market, merchants still respect the intrinsic value found in Gold.